Pages from Istanbul city project moleskin sketchbook

Meadia: ink, oil pastels, acryl, stitching on a wallpaper.

More life drawing

Life drawing experiment with mixed media: acrylic paint and charcoal. 30 min study

Life drawing

Acrylic experiments. Lovely textures

A bit of typography


No comments on this one but I kind of like it.

More gel pen. Moleskin sketchbook.

one more collage combined with my drawing ( background).

Digital collage

the magical Photoshop can transfer life drawing  black and white collage into exiting, bright and bold  digital paintwork.


2012 is big year for Britain with some historicalevents taking place here. This has inspired me for my final project, which isabout London Olympic Games. During this project I went on a long journey oftrying to find my personal style. I started the project with one idea in mind,but have finished it with totally different approach. My research has includeddrawing, painting, stencils and lino printing, digital collage. There is a lotof information about the games on internet, television which were my primarysource of research. I have also used the collection of postal stamp marks fromvarious years for my inspiration. I have looked at work of other artist whoworks in the field of illustration: Aurbey Vincent Beardsley, Vania Zouravliov,Letman, Jason Brooks, Jasper Goodall, Kam Tang, Mat Maitland, Johan Thornquist,Ben Heine, Anthea Hamilton and the artists who have created official Olympics2012 posters.  My intention was to createa poster, which can be also used for t-shirt, mug, card etc. design, that fanscan use to support Olympics athletes. My poster is happy, festive, sporty andillustrative personal response to the Olympic games 2012 in London.

Olympic games 2012 poster

Transfer printing in Textles workshop.