Drawing on different surfaces and materials

Today is quite unusual date - 11.11.11. We did to day drawing on different surfaces and materials. There surfaces were:
  • calico
  • cardboard
  • financial times newspaper
  • gouache
and the materials we are used today were
  • felt tip
  • Biro
  • glitter pens
  • pencils
  • charcoal
Firstly i prepared surface for drawing later, by brushing a  layer of white gouache thinned with water on a cardboard and "Financial Times" newspaper. I brushed not evenly and not the whole piece, because imperfections of coverage in this case are adding actually special quality later on for a sketch. Also " Financial Times" newspaper is not just random choice. The colour of it is very close to the actual skin tone. So i left them to dry and we did a few fast ( 5 min) sketches of closed pose on a calico with felt tip, Biro, i used even somewhere glitter pens.
First ( one on the left) closed pose is very much egg-like shape, and  i did it even less than 5 min, so  i decided to add some shading with purple glitter pen.  With other sketch i used pencil and Biro and finished with felt tip.
My favourite drawing here is the one with blue felt tip and green Biro: strong bold lines, well captured pose, interesting composition. The one next to it is with red Biro, and i used some shading there, trying to show curves of the body.
The main thing here is drapes. i used here very soft pencil ( 7-8 B) and it blends beautifully, allowing to create lovely shades on a fabric. Sketch was done aproximatly in 20 minutes.

This is by far my favourite sketch today. The pose of model was quite challenging, so i decided not to go for a detailed drawing .I identified the main lines by adding some  pressure on charcoal,and just suggested other parts of drawing, used some smudging, and even wiped off charcoal in some areas. The combination of Brown cardboard, white gouache and charcoal is just amazing. Dry gouache has got this chalky texture and also allows to use rubber up to certain level ( to aggressive rubbing will damage texture). Another advantage here is that smudging works perfectly. And after all it just looks so gorgeous on Brown paper with charcoal sketching. I am very pleased with my results today.

I decided to play with image in photoshop: layering, patterns, brushes, text.