Inspired by Tim Maars

 With an illustration career spanning over 10 years, Marrs is a BA graduate of Humberside University and Master of Arts ( MA) post grad of Central Saint Martins, London. His work has continued to evolve, develop and inspire. Producing a frenzied Mix of drawings, photography, screen printing and photoshop techniques, his work sports a hand made and dynamic look, but yet considered and has a mix of influences from American pop culture, pulp fiction novels, pop art to polish film posters. Marrs's broad and flexible style has also attracted a wide variety of commissions in advertising, publishing and Graphic design with worldwide clients including, Nike, Brand Jordan, Asics NYC marathon, Reebok, kswiss, Ogilvy and Mather, Saatchi and Saatchi, Geffen records, Publicis & Hal Riney and orion publishing to name but few. His technique is one of the most influential styles in modern illustration and is now starting to get the recognition it deserves. Personally I like his works because of bright bold colours, layering and blending the layers. Here is my piece of work, inspired by Tim.

·         Took photo of my drawing ( in ink) of  two nude ladies
·         Created new A 4 canvas
·         Coloured it with Paint Bucket Tool in orange
·         Defined a new brush ( a steel hatch) using image from Media Archives on L-Drive
·         Varying Opacity and Flow of the brush worked with the Brush in the top right corner of a canvas in red and light blur colours
·         After deleting white (Magic Wand Tool) on my drawings a drugged my lovely ladies with Drag tool on A4  locating them in the upper part of the canvas
·         Again from L-Drive took picture of a building and changed it on grayscale mode and then applied artistic  filter ( Smudge stick)
·         Duplicated the layer and enlarged it just a little bit and changed to “colour overlay” style, set it right underneath first layer
·         Took the image of car and buildings from one of Tim’s works and drugged it next to the buildings compositions
·         Added one more layer ( linear drawing of car on 60% of opacity)
·         Added writing, tripled the layer, and by changing opacity and filling created dissolving letters effect.
·         Flattened image, saved it and printed out.